A tale of two traitors and the terrorists they created

Do these four-star fools remind you more of Patton and Bradley or perhaps… Larry and Moe minus Curly?
Never have two less qualified individuals, we are talking Generals Petraeus and Allen, duplicated what this pair has done.  “Honeytrapped” by allowing the “little brain” to think in place of the only slightly larger one located a short distance higher, each combined moral flexibility, inferior intellect and hubris.  These are the parents of the ISIS bastard child as much as anyone, no Saudi price, not madman Erdogan or scheming Netanyahu, not “Hanoi Songbird,” John McCain, Paul Vallely or Googles “Gas-man” Jared Cohen (recently outed in a Hillary email, now tying him to sarin deaths across Syria in 2012 and 2013).

Today we seen another in a series of assaults on reason and reality in the propaganda war on Russia.  Reaching the bottom of the proverbial barrel, the UK Guardian constructs a polemic on Russian failures in Syria of all things, perhaps the first time a major nation state has effectively moved against terrorism, unless you want to count the US fiasco in Vietnam as a victory.
The Guardian runs to the Atlantic Council of all things, where, in March 2015, General John Allen, fresh from a resignation scandal tied to an affair with a Florida housewife/call girl/Mossad agent, is given control of America’s efforts in Syria.
As the real story progresses, Allen resigns in disgrace, again mind you, and the White House turns to Russia and Iran, awakened to the betrayal by the Atlantic Council, a cheap CIA front, and General Allen, longtime associate of his thinner clone, Petraeus, read “betray us,” also burned by sophomoric sexual antics.
One could note how America’s service academies, seeking out rubes, losers and mama’s boys, then promoting them beyond their already very limited capabilities, has left America defenseless.  One could point out how easy it has been for Israel to throw girls, boys, aging hags and even cross dressing arm wrestlers
at the Pentagon’s endless supply of ass kissing nerds.  One could say that and more but we choose to take the high road, sure we do.


Petraeus with ‘Florida Socialite’ Jill Kelley, who befriended a number of top officers at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, played a starring role in the soap opera surrounding the extramarital affair of Gen. David Petraeus. Kelley received threatening emails from Petraeus’ mistress, Paula Broadwell, who appeared to perceive Kelley as a threat. Petraeus resigned as CIA director, and the FBI later discovered thousands of pages of email exchanges between the 37-year-old Kelley and Gen. John Allen, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, who once served at MacDill.

Three hundred million times two – a tale of two traitors
2007 – 300 million US dollars to Petraeus who then went into the prisons of Iraq and recruited individuals for 300 bucks a month to go to Ramadhi, become the command structure of the future ‘ISIS’ and split Iraq in two; creating an ‘Islamic State’ in the north where raping, looting and pillaging became the norm and where the cultural wealth, the oil wealth, almost anything of value that could be trucked north to Turkey was stolen on behalf of international corporations owned by the same group of criminals who control the intelligence agencies that blackmail generals and politicians into starting these conflicts.
Petraeus told us tales of creating ‘Sunni militias’; in reality, he created ISIS
2011 – 300 million US dollars to Allen who spent it all on TOW missiles and other US weapons which all ended up in the hands of IS.
Allen stood up in front of the entire world and said he had 50,000 trained ‘moderate’ Syrian fighters ready to go against ISIS. When it was admitted before Congress that the real number of fighters was only 46, Allen’s credibility struck an iceberg and was lost with all hands.
As for those 46 fighters – they immediately went off and joined ISIS. No doubt they proved useful in teaching the other head chopping mercenary scum how to use their shiny new American-made weapons.
has admitted.
Congress has approved $500m (£323m) to train and equip about 5,000 rebels to fight against Islamic State militants. Gen Lloyd Austin told US lawmakers last week that only “four or five” US-trained rebels were still fighting.
As Gordon Duff reported last month, Allen resigned following the sex scandal:

Damian Thorn, Satan’s Son, Ragpicker’s Fantasy

The media spun Allen’s resignation as being due to an ailing wife; he is now co-director of The Brookings Institution
The Voltaire Network reported on Allen’s resignation in September 2015:

The resignation of John Allen attests to the fact that President Obama is cleaning up his administration and pursuing his policy of alliance with Teheran and Moscow.