The Draco-Reptilian mafiozo casino Economy

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America is been hajicked long ago by evil powers.These corporate-Neo- Nazis-fasisits-criminal Khazarian origin syndicated  forces, hijacked first the financial-monetary system and afterwards,the political system,through bribary – corruption,and blackmailing-

distruction ,assascination ,in case of the first methot failed. 
What the founding Fathers of America,and the american people,so proudly acheived so far, for the ideals of Democracy – justice and wellfare,is been surrended,and freely delivered, without charghe,to  the criminal mafia syndicates,and the industrial-military corporate centers of power.
With the exception of Reagan,s administration (who fired all the neo-cons),most of the politicians have been compromised in one way or onother,becoming puppets to the globalists Nazists, in a monkey circus show,by lying, deceiving and betraiying their own people.
Although great minds in America,are warning about the lunacy which is driving -quiding the actions of these criminals,it seems that one of the target is both america and the americans.In a strange way-difficult to comprehend or perceive-these people hates everybody,and they wand to destroy everybody…including America!! 
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Joseph Farrell: EU Will Move Away from NATO and Partner with Russia

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For a year, now, I’ve wondered just how blackmailed and/or bribed the EU must be, for allowing itself to get screwed for SO long by the economic sanctions against Russia, ordered by the US, due to Russia’s timid yet righteous response to the US-sponsored coup in Ukraine.
Russia’s having dared to respond, at all to despicable US meddling in a country not only on its border but historically enmeshed with it for more than a millennium precipitated US economic sanctions against Russia. The US forced the EU to do the same. The EU had to refrain from exporting agricultural and other products to a major trading partner, causing recessions in the EU economies and imploding their currency. For what gain to the EU, exactly?
It appears that finally, a new order has come down from the US that is so over the line in its malignancy, that it’s forcing the hand of the EU and could well lead to a rupture of the status quo. I’m referring to the arch-Fascist, Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.

The TTIP is an agreement, which essentially cedes national sovereignty (including that of the US) to huge US corporate interests, like those of Monsanto and their GMOs. We’re finally beginning to see some pushback to US bullying, led by French President François Hollande, to which Joseph P Farrell, in his regular broadcast to his fans here says, “Vive la France!”
The time has come to ask, is the “US” really the US, anymore? That’s the real question and it’s been increasingly so since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Most people in the US who are aware of the TTIP don’t want this horrendous agreement to be passed, either; totally without their say. Like the proverbial boiling frog, Americans have not been able to see what is becoming increasingly obvious to Europeans and is so well-put by Joseph Farrell here:
“America; the American Government is a front for something else…a deep, corporate…Fascist – I’ve been calling it ‘Nazi International’, you can call it the ‘International Mafia’. Whatever this thing is, the European and Russian powers have looked at it and said, ‘That’s our enemy.’

“And I suspect that what you’re now going to see is a gradual peeling away of Europe from that entity – and I suspect, as well, my friends…that these nations realize that their national culture, their identity, their civilization is at stake and under threat from ‘Mr Global’… 
“They are now taking the steps to distance themselves from it and…prepare for an inevitable war with that structure.

“…what you see, behind the scenes, is France, Germany, Russia, Italy, and so on, recognizing that they’re no longer negotiating with the United States of America. They’re negotiating with a government that is now hostage to interests that are not in Europe’s best interests.

“This is why…we’ve seen President Putin, that we’ve seen President Áder of Hungary taking direct aim at the dogma of the Globalists…the so-called ‘obsolescence of the nation-state’.
“That’s being challenged now, in the beginnings of a process that France has initiated; something that I don’t think is going to go away because…Italy’s on board, Spain’s on board.
“Eventually, this is going to transform Europe, this is going to transform the NATO Alliance…we’re going to see a much more open critique of the Globalist agenda coming from Europe.”

Germany’s Nazi menace was partially conjured by Anglo-American wherewithal. Nazism took its cues from Anglo Supremacists and the American eugenics movement that arose in the post-Civil War Era. The eugenicists opposed recognizing the human rights of the freed African-Americans and of some other ethnic groups arriving in the huge immigrant influx after that war. These rights were only to be officially enshrined a century later, in the 1965 Civil Rights Act.

American troops and their Allies vanquished Fascism in Europe during World War II. Now, the clash appears to have circled back – and this time, it may be the Europeans who will fight the Fascist overlords of the US and it may be they who save us from ourselves and from this beast cohabiting among us…